2019 Colours

We are always on the look out for colours that can be applied to our furniture range. What may seem a very adult colour by itself, can be transformed by being combined with the right accent to give unique and contemporary colour schemes. Older boys in particular will be impressed with Carbon - our "new" black and Titanium which look fantastic together or by themselves. We have some interesting neutrals, Shitake Bliss and Cape Cod  that can be used by themselves or with other colours for dramatic effect and we have a range of new Blues for highlights.

Following the latest trends from Europe we have also sourced some Italian Gloss Laminates in pink, yellow, mid blue, marine blue, green, pale grey, storm grey and just arrived TEAL (pictured) to add absolute wow factor to your furniture.These finishes are only available for drawer fronts and attract a small surcharge. 

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